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Cornish Rex Connection  -Cats/Kittens available from other breeders
Cactus Rex Cattery is happy to coordinate and help facilitate other cornish rex cats and kittens find their forever home too. These cats/ kittens are not related to Cactus Rex Cattery, however we understand the need to find GREAT homes for other Rex cats too! 

With Cactus Rex Cattery our cats are family first, which means we do not believe in cages or  over breeding. Our females will only have a litter once or twice a year....So we understand if you can't wait for a Cactus Rex kitten!  We are now trying to work with other breeders in the area who also strive to produce healthy kittens from great pedigree. This way we can still offer great  kittens when our litters are unavailable. 

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CFA Champion Selena , Retired 4 yr old spayed female- Adopted
CFA Champion Selena , Retired 4 yr old spayed female -Adopted